Construction of the Simo solar power plant to begin in the spring

Exilion, a renewable energy investor owned by Elo, the State Pension Fund of Finland and Veritas, has decided to invest in the construction of a ground-mounted solar power plant in Simo. The construction is scheduled to begin in the spring with Solarigo Systems Oy as the designer and constructor of the project. Exilion intends to

Exilion’s real estate business achieved carbon neutrality in energy use in April 2022 new sustainability report published

In accordance with the GHG Protocol, Exilion’s real estate business has been carbon neutral in terms of energy use since April last year. In properties managed by Exilion, which consist of the commercial buildings of KOy Itämerentori and KOy Eliel, energy consumption decreased by 14% from the previous year. As a responsible property owner, we

Exilion Tuuli paid a total of 2.5 million euros in real estate taxes to municipalities – Exilion Tuuli’s responsibility report published

In addition to the production of renewable energy, wind power also benefits society through employment effects and tax revenues. Exilion Tuuli’s recent responsibility report shows that, for example, about 5.2% of the tax revenue of the municipality of Luhanga was made up of the real estate tax paid by Exilion’s wind farms in 2022. In