Whistleblowing channel

Exilion promotes responsible business methods and fosters an ethical way of acting. We take all illegal, unethical or any acts that go against our guidelines seriously. We encourage you to bring these to our attention every time there is a suspicion of misconduct.

Whistleblowing channel is meant for all misconducts regarding Exilion group companies. Reports may concern for example corruption, money loundering, unfair competition, human rights violation, environmental issues, work safety, data protection, or any other unethical behaviour.

It is important that our partners and other related parties bring forward any worries and suspicions regarding any misconducts. We encourage you to primarily to discuss any worries or suspicions with your Exilion contact person. If this is not possible you may report your suspicions securely through this whistleblowing channel.

You do not need to have firm evidence of misconduct; however, reports should be submitted honestly and in good faith. Deliberate reporting of false information is strictly forbidden.

Avoid revealing personal information, especially delicate information, while submitting a report. If the message contains any information prohibited by law, we might not be allowed to process it.

You may leave your name and contact information during reporting, but we provide you with this opportunity to express your concern through this confidential channel anonymously. In addition, the service removes all metadata automatically in case there are any attachments added to the report.