Exilion Tuuli Ky

Exilion Tuuli Ky invests responsibly in wind power and other sources of renewable energy. The investments are long term and predictable in terms of yield expectations.

Exilion Tuuli Ky was founded in April 2019 and is owned by the Finnish institutions Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Veritas Pension Insurance and the State Pension Fund of Finland.

Exilion currently owns 14 wind farms. The company owns 380 MW of operational clean wind capacity, equivalent to one sixth of Finland’s total capacity. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 55,360 single-family houses.

Exilion Tuuli Ky strives to achieve a steady return with a low risk profile. The company is constantly exploring new investment opportunities in areas such as solar energy and different energy storage solutions.

Contacts related to operational activities of the wind farms:

Tervola Varevaara, Simo Halmekangas, Simo Onkalo, Kalajoki Mustilankangas, Ii Viinamäki Tuuli and

Carelin Oy / Joni Niemi, tel. 050 359 9044, e-mail: joni.niemi(2)carelin.fi

Tornio Kitkiäisvaara Tuuli Kb, Simo Leipiö Tuuli Kb, Pori Peittoo Tuuli Kb, Salo Märynummi Tuuli Kb, Pori Tahkoluoto Tuuli Kb, Vartinoja I Kb, Luhanka Tuuli Kyb TuuliMuukko Kb

St1 Oy/Yrjö Laine
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