Exilion’s investing emphasizes life cycle thinking, flexibility and energy efficiency. The key aspect for our operations is also a responsible approach.

  • Our aim in customer work is to establish long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. Openness, interaction, and expertise are the foundation of all collaboration. Exilion employees also take responsibility in problem situations and promptly rectify any mistakes.
  • In acquiring new investment targets, the company emphasizes not only profitability but also lifecycle thinking, flexibility, and environmental impact management. Environmental considerations are also taken into account in the daily operations of the targets, and environmental certifications are obtained for all properties.
  • Through various development projects, we have succeeded in reducing energy and water consumption as well as carbon footprint of our owned properties by even tens of percentages. Electricity is produced from renewable energy sources, and thanks to improved recycling efforts, waste generation has also been reduced.
  • Original Sokos Hotel Tripla has been awarded the LEED Platinum-level environmental certification, and Scandic Grand Central Helsinki became the first in Finland and the world to receive the prestigious LEEDv4 Platinum rating in the BD+C Hospitality rating system. Kiinteistö Oy Kluuvikatu 8 has been awarded with LEED v4:n (for Interior Design & Construction) Platinum-level certification. Kiinteistö Oy Eliel and KOy Itämerentori buildings and property management were awarded the international BREEAM environmental certification at the Very Good level at the end of 2018.
  • Exilion Real Estate I Ky and Kauppakeskus Hansa are participants in the energy efficiency agreement system of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Finnish Energy Authority, and RAKLI, an organization operating in the construction and real estate industry, for the period 2017-2025. In the previous agreement period of 2008-2016, Exilion Real Estate I Ky achieved nearly double the savings compared to the target set in the agreement.
  • In addition to reducing carbon footprint, the company has also focused on renewable energy production through Exilion Tuuli and has thus taken an even more active role in Finland’s climate actions.
  • The wind farms owned by Exilion Tuuli produced a total of approximately 1 TWh (1,013 GWh) of renewable clean electricity in 2022, equivalent to the annual electricity needs of all households in Helsinki.
  • The wind farms are significant local employers, with an annual direct employment impact of 90 person-years and an indirect impact of 1,325 person-years. The majority of these jobs are created locally.
  • Read more from Exilion’s Tuuli– and Exilion’s Real Estate-Sustainability Reports.