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Elielin liikerakennus achieves LEED classification

MREC Elielin liikerakennus is the first hotel property in Finland to achieve in-use LEED environmental classification. In addition to a hotel, the property offers office and retail premises.

Property’s energy consumption has decreased circa 10 per cent, and its carbon dioxide emission have decreased 293 tons compared with year 2011. Energy efficiency has improved based on the energy audit conducted in 2012. Operating and control times of the air conditioning and heating equipment in the property have been adjusted. In addition, lighting controls have been made more fit for their purpose. Water consumption in the property has decreased circa 20 per cent.

Electricity is being produced completely using renewable energy sources and free of carbon dioxide. This is proved by the guarantees of origin of green electricity achieved for Eliel for the years 2013 and 2014.

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