Luhanka Tuuli Ky

The wind farm Latamäki is located in Luhanka. It consists of six Vestas V112-3.0 MW wind turbines. It has been generating power since 2014.

Ii Viinamäki Tuuli Ky

The Viinamäki wind farm is located in li. The wind farm consists of 5 Vestas wind turbines with a total capacity of 21 MW. A 6 MW battery storage is also connected to the farm. The wind farm has been producing electricity since 2019.

KOy Elielin liikerakennus

Elielin liikerakennus is an office and hotel complex located by Elielinaukio Square in the heart of Helsinki. It is one of the few completely modern buildings in Helsinki city centre.

KOy Itämerentori

Itämerentori is a landmark property. It is the tallest office building in the centre of Helsinki, towering at more than 70 metres above the sea level. The building won the Steel Structure of the Year award in 2000.

KOy Kluuvikatu 8

Originally built as a commercial “palace” for the Helsingin Suomalainen Säästöpankki bank, the building has welcomed tourists and other travellers from the 1930’s.

KOy Päärautatieaseman hotelli

Exilion is developing a hotel in the Helsinki Central Railway Station, which holds exceptional architectural and historic value. The hotel will be situated in the former head office of the Finnish railway company VR, built largely in 1909. The hotel will be operated by Scandic Hotels Oy and is estimated to be completed in 2020.

KOy Pasilan Asemahotelli

Hotel property developed in the heart of Pasila, in the immediate vicinity of the Mall of Tripla and the train station. The City of Helsinki is establishing Pasila as its second centre.