Exilion Real Estate I Ky

Exilion Real Estate I Ky focuses on low-risk office, commercial and hotel properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Limited partnership company Exilion Real Estate I Ky was founded in August 2007 and the company’s limited partner is Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company. It opts for investments whose value exceeds 40 million euros.

Exilion owns a total of three properties located in Helsinki city centre and in Ruoholahti. The ca. 50,000 m² leasable area consists of offices, commercial spaces and hotel premises. The total value of the properties is approximately 240 million euros.

Exilion Real Estate I Ky seeks to obtain the best possible profit with a low-risk profile. The company is continuously looking for new investment opportunities. Energy efficiency and the life-cycle sustainability of the buildings are important factors. The company aims to obtain environmental certifications for all of its properties.


KOy Elielin liikerakennus

Elielin liikerakennus is an office and hotel complex located by Elielinaukio Square in the heart of Helsinki.  It is one of the few completely modern buildings in Helsinki city centre.


KOy Itämerentori

Itämerentori is a landmark property. It is the tallest office building in the centre of Helsinki, towering at more than 70 metres above the sea level. The building won the Steel Structure of the Year award in 2000.


KOy Kluuvikatu 8

Originally built as a commercial “palace” for the Helsingin Suomalainen Säästöpankki bank, the building has welcomed tourists and other travellers from the 1930’s.