We emphasize a life-cycle approach, adaptability, energy efficiency, and continuous development of sustainable operations.

Responsible Investments

Long-term and mutually profitable partnerships with our clients are our objectives. Openness, interaction, and expertise are the foundation of this cooperation. We take our share of the responsibility in challenging situations and correct our mistakes.

In addition to investment profitability, we emphasize a life-cycle approach, adaptability, and taking environmental impacts into consideration. We aim to achieve environmental certificates for all of our properties.

Exilion is part of an energy efficiency system. The electricity bought by Exilion has been awarded with a green electricity certificate, which means that the electricity used in our properties comes from renewable sources.


The energy efficiency of the KOy Itämerentori property has been systematically developed, and its energy consumption and carbon footprint have been significantly reduced. Itämerentori saved 10 per cent in both electricity and district heating in 2012 compared to 2011. Water consumption was reduced by more than 30 per cent. The property’s carbon footprint was reduced by 7 per cent.

The property went through an energy audit during the years 2011 and 2012. Savings have been gained by, among other means, optimizing technical systems, for example by adjusting lighting and ventilation operating times. There have also been changes to the building automation at Itämerentori, and the automation has been connected to a remote host where system statuses are being systematically monitored. Energy and water consumption may be monitored by the hour so that possible offsets can quickly be adjusted.

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Energy consumption and carbon footprint of Itämerentori property have been significantly reduced.